Kennelen / The Kennel

Kennel Honour Bright:

In 1984 I bought my first Kerry Blue, a bitch named Gillicuddy Riona. She was shown both at home and abroad, became Danish and Czechoslovakian champion, and got a CC in three different countries.

In 1989 I bought my second bitch, Gillicuddy Honour Bright (Thena), who became the foundation bitch of my kennel, and who inspired the kennel’s name.

Thena had her first litter out of five in 1991, and since then we’ve had about one litter a year, all in all 23 litters, totalling   113 puppies.

Throughout my years as a breeder I’ve given priority to breeding healthy, happy and friendly dogs, who get on well with their owner as well as with other dogs. Obviously their exterior and a sound temperament have been very important factors as well, or I wouldn’t have spent so much time travelling around Europe to visit numerous shows. The dogs who’ve sired the kennel’s litters have thus been chosen both for their pedigree/exterior, but not least for their temperament.

Out of the101 puppies from the kennel, who at present are over two years old, twentyseven have won a title or one or more championships. I.e. about 25% of the dogs bred in the kennel have been found worthy by several judges to be the best dog or bitch.

Today,October 2015, the kennel has 2 dogs and 5 bitches, and a litter of six puppies have recently left for their new homes.

Briefly about myself: I am born 1943 and have been  a school teacher of maths, a job I enjoy very much for 36 years. but  in 2010  I have my pension As well as dogs I have been interested in birds for many years, and apart from owning and breeding different kinds of tropical birds, I have ringed swans in the Greater Copenhagen area for over 35 years.